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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Thing 23: Final thoughts

It was so much fun exploring all of the techy things out there. I plan on sharing my knowledge with other co-workers and I really hope you find more things for us to play with soon (after a break). I particularly loved anything to do with media and pictures and seemed to catch on to those quickly. Adding other feeds sometimes seemed difficult so I mainly stuck with the iGoogle page. I hope to take some time to read other Blogs now. I may make more Blogs. In one word or sentence: 23 things on a stick improves your "2.0ability"! Hope to participate again soon. Idea: Make t-shirts on CafePress with the Nice Logo!

Thing 22: What did I Learn Today?

I added a few feeds to my Google Reader page, my Facebook page, and added the website for Explore, Discover, Play to my blog, suggested by "friend of Franklin". I hope to try more by taking a little time each week to play at learning. It's been great fun. Thanks for the opportunity!

Dewey or Do we Not -- You Tube

Thing 21: Beyond MySpace: Other Social Networks

I like the 23 things on a stick on Ning. That is an interesting social site that I will be sure to visit again. It seems to be more grown-up and focused than Facebook and not so cluttered. It was easier to add things and maneuver around for me. For Libraries this might be a good internal site but for external use, Facebook is still probably best since that's where the kids are. (High school & college) Again, there is so much out there to explore. As you can see I added my badge and my slideshow. Very easy and fun.

23 things on a stick -- Widget Slideshow

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23 things on a stick -- Ning Member Badge

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Thing 20: Libraries and Social Networking

At Macalester, we joined Facebook about a year ago. One librarian and I found time to become friends and then my family reached out to me and now I have 4 more friends among my nieces and nephew who have thousands of friends and photos. My sister-in-law has about as few friends as I do mostly the same family. I joined Library 2.0 Interest Group, Librarians and Facebook, and wrote on their wall. http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=19402848&hiq=carol%2Cking This is my facebook page.